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Since 1969, we’ve been recognized as area-leaders in cardiology for the greater Bucks and Montgomery County community. We offer the highest quality cardiovascular services and collaborate with a range of specialists and health networks throughout the region to ensure our patients experience the most meaningful, cost-effective care possible.

In August 2023, we joined Grand View Medical Practices and changed our name from Buxmont Cardiology to Grand View Health Cardiology – Buxmont. Everything from our office locations, patient portal and phone numbers remains the same. Most importantly, you will continue to receive care from the physicians and team you have trusted for more than half a century.

Call us today to learn more about our practice and discover how we can help you or your loved ones maximize your heart health!

Who We Are

Our compassionate team includes seven board-certified cardiologists, experienced nurses, and diverse professional support staff. With a convenient location in Sellersville, a flexible schedule, and a secure Patient Portal for fast online access, we make it easy to connect with providers you can trust.

After hours? We always have a doctor-on-call who can be reached via our phone system in the event of an emergency. (Please call 911 if your emergency is life-threatening; if admitted to Grand View Hospital, our doctors will be able to continue overseeing your care there.)

We are determined to help patients and their loved ones get the timely and personalized services they need—whether in-office or during a hospitalization. We also accept most major insurances and have a friendly, knowledgeable staff who can help you manage the important financial aspects involved in your cardiology care.

Our Mission

The mission of Grand View Health Cardiology — Buxmont is to provide compassionate, cardiovascular care that exceeds our patients’ expectations.

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Our Services

Your health needs are unique, which is why our cardiology staff offers numerous, research-backed services that can help people living with a wide range of conditions, including coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, high blood pressure, and more.

Whether you need diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive interventions, Grand View Health Cardiology — Buxmont can connect you with effective solutions that will reduce your symptoms, improve your health, and enhance your quality of life.

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We provide remote and in-clinic support to ensure your anticoagulation therapy is safe and effective for your heart health needs...


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Arrhythmia Management

Arrhythmia is a condition that causes your heart to beat at an abnormal or irregular pace, including too fast (tachycardia) or too slow (bradycardia)...


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Cardiac Wellness Exams

Routine cardiac wellness exams give us a picture of your current heart health and helps us adjust plans of care and identify any cardiac risk factors...


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Congestive Heart Failure Management

Congestive heart failure happens when the heart doesn't pump blood and/or fill with blood as well as it should...


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Electrocardiograms (EKGs) and Echocardiograms

Electrocardiograms (EKGs) and echocardiograms allow us to monitor and diagnose heart conditions...


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Stress Testing

Exercise stress testing helps us understand how well your heart handles activity. We perform all our stress testing procedures...


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Monitoring of Implanted Devices

We use in-clinic and remote monitoring technology to ensure your permanent or temporary devices are functioning properly...


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Nuclear Cardiology

Nuclear cardiology techniques allow our physicians to non-invasively assess how well your heart pumps blood and evaluate the blood supply to the heart...


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Peripheral Artery Disease Management

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) happens when the arteries that bring blood to your limbs get narrow and stop working as well...


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Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary function tests help us assess how well your lungs work, which has a close impact on the function and health of your heart...


Our Locations

Where you live shouldn’t restrict the quality of care you receive. That’s why Grand View Health Cardiology — Buxmont collaborates with major health networks throughout the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia areas, including the Lehigh Valley Health Network, Grand View Hospital, and the University of Pennsylvania hospital centers.

We help ensure our community has access to the most advanced cardiovascular care from highly skilled providers.

Lifemark Medical Center

3 Life Mark Drive Sellersville, PA 18960

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Read more about our expert cardiologists, nurses, and staff, their specialties, education, and more.

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Patient Portal

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